Friday, November 17, 2006

Man Who Joked About Bomb on Singapore Flight Charged Under United Nations Anti-Terrorism Regulations

SINGAPORE (Reuters) -- A 65-year-old Australian man was fined S$10,000 ($6,423) by a Singapore court for uttering the word "bomb" on a flight to Indonesia, The Straits Times reported on Wednesday .... [the man] was charged under the United Nations anti-terrorism regulations, which carry a maximum fine of S$100,000 or up to five years in jail or both. More here

That's right, this man who jokingly asked "where do you keep the bomb?" because he could not find space in the overhead compartment for his bag, was criminally charged under United Nations anti-terrorism regulations enforced by a Singapore court. Evidently, Singapore has passed something called the United Nations Act:

The United Nations Act grants the Minister for Law the power to enact regulations to implement UN Security Council decisions; the United Nations (Anti-Terrorism Measures) Regulations implement specifically UN Security Council resolution 1373 which prohibits all kinds of support for terrorist acts, be it financial or in the form of causing, assisting or promoting such activities. It also defines “terrorist act”, and a “terrorist” is “any person who commits, attempts to commit, participates in or facilities the commission of any terrorist act.” Any violation of the United Nations (Anti-Terrorism Measures) Regulations in Singapore will be prosecuted, as will the act of abetting the commission of an offense outside the country.
So now it is not just "national security" that the people of the world are commanded to worship and bow down to in servile surrender of our rights, it is also "world security" with the U.N. telling us what we must do to be "safe."

It is bad enough being subjected to any nation's vague, confusing, and elastic "terrorism" laws and regulations, enacted and enforced by home-grown unelected bureaucratic weenies with Hitler complexes, such as the U.S. bureacratic weenies that slapped felony charges, with possible 20 year sentences, on a couple for the terrorist activity of making out on a flight. But now we also must worry about violating some unknown, vague U.N. "terrororism" regulation - created by unelected bureaucratic weenies with Hitler complexes who answer to no people of no nation on this earth, because they are from the U.N., which is a non-state, wanna-be world government.

I wonder what the U.N. penalty is for such acts of terrorism by members of the "Mile-High" club (you know, that shadowy international organization of non-state-actors that terrorizes the air by subversively getting their freak on while in flight).

If this prosecution of a man in Singapore for violation of U.N. "anti-terror" regulations is any indication of things to come (and I think it is) we will soon be subject to "security" edicts with the force of law that don't even pretend to be subject to our will, as do the U.S. regulations we live under (where we can still delude ourselves into thinking We the People are in charge because we get to cast one measly little vote for either Lying Bastard A or Lying Bastard B every two years).

While I have not heard of any U.S. court applying such decrees from our benevolent masters at the U.N., the fact that any nation's court would do so is not a good sign. And, given the love affair many people in this nation have with the U.N., and the love affair of many U.S. judges with "international law" I think it is very likely that we will see it happen here too.

We are on a collision course with a future in which our lives, liberty, and property will be completely at the mercy of the whims of arbitrary, pervasive, and petty little smurf tyrants in blue helmets, and their domestic fellow travelers, who will scrutinize our every move and statement, looking for "bad" behavior that needs to be harshly corrected by threats of imprisonment, no matter where we travel on this earth. Talk about a terrorist organization of global reach!ibertarian Blogger on Enemy Combatant Status and Military Commissions Act


Anonymous said...

i should have read this before I flew out over last weekend,so now I have to worry about airport flunkies and U.N. flunkies

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