Saturday, November 11, 2006

Took a Short Hiatus After the Election ....

...But I'm back at it! What to say about that election? I was not at all surprised. Now I wish I had made some predictions, so I could gloat afterwards about how right I was.
I knew the Republicans would lose at least the House, and probably the Senate too.

How did I know? Well, in addition to the normal, mainstream, and rather obvious problems of Iraq, corruption, and Foley's antics, let's just say I heard the rumble of discontent - and not on the left! No, the discontent was on the Right, and it was a force that the G.O.P. hacks did not pay attention to, either intentionally, or because they just can no longer see it, so brainwashed are they by their own nonsense. And that discontent was about something far, far deeper than the mainstream media focused on.

I'll post more on that shortly .... but first, check out my next article, The Attack of the Water Carriers! It is a true horror story, which serves as a great lead-in to my thoughts on why the G.O.P. lost, and also a great set up for the bomb I am about to drop regarding just how dangerous and potentially destructive the excesses of the Bush Administration really are.


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