Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Letter: Presidential candidate Paul a real Republican

Letter from the Billings Gazzette

One can learn a tremendous amount about the character of a presidential candidate by how his opponents view him.

Montana's Congressman Denny Rehberg always refuses co-sponsoring bills like repealing the federal income tax, ending Social Security payouts to illegal aliens again living back in Mexico, and recently said no to getting the U.S. out of the United Nations.

Rehberg sits on the Liberty Caucus, whose chairman, Rep. Ron Paul, is running for United States president. Paul continually authors bills like these, common-man bills that career politicians like Rehberg despise.

Paul's a folk hero to those who still advocate constitutional restrictions on the federal government, community taken care of locally, gun protections for individuals not government, and the abolishment of every unconstitutional federal cabinet department. Additionally, Paul has refused the plush pension "given" our representatives by taxpayers, while also constantly returning taxpayer money to the Treasury from his office's allocated budgets.

Meanwhile, Giuliani and McCain openly refused to debate Paul in April in New Hampshire. Though, what could they possibly say in defense of themselves before a real Republican? Better to lead by cut-and-running from the voters.

Too often folks say, "I voted for the lesser of two evils." Send a message to Washington. Look up Paul, a statesman leading by personal example, not another media-picked, cowardly, camera-hogging "trust me" politician worrying over his pancake makeup tint before appearing on Larry King. And, yes, that means you, Rudy McRomney.

Tim Shea

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