Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Under-Estimating Ron Paul?


From Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic

A young reader argues that the media still doesn't get it:

I'm a passionate Ron Paul supporter, as are very many people approximately my age. I don't have a landline telephone, I’m not a registered Republican and I get practically all of my news from “alternative” resources (such as your blog). People like me are not on the pollsters’ radar. As some in the political analysis field have begun to suspect, traditional polling methods are blind to technology driven structural changes in political participation/awareness. Assuming the online support translates into real efforts to get out the vote, Dr. Paul is a stealthy but real contender.

Another thing worth noting is, I belong to a Ron Paul group on Face Book, the college-networking site. The membership rate of growth has been astounding; I joined a few weeks ago when we numbered a little over 2,000; now we're at 12,000 and climbing. I can tell you with confidence that Face Book has been the central hub of the Ron Paul online Blitz with outgrowths and initiatives such as and Republican Caucus Storm. Here’s a small example of how serious we are:

The largest Barack Obama group on Face Book has over 300,000 members. Ron Paul’s 12,000 sound like small potatoes in comparison…at first glance. Our group just finished meeting a $12,008 fundraising goal within 5 days of its inception (the deadline was 6/30). 5 days. Obama's group of 300K also has a fundraiser and has raised $17,000 — since the founding of the group! That's well over 90 days.

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silken said...

I will have to check this out. Ron Paul is from my dad's hometown (mine too) I remeber visiting him in DC when I was 8. we have a photo of my sis and I sitting in his chair. pretty cool.

I am so disenchanted with the whole political system. I will have to give this a look see. I voted third party in the last election. is he running as Republican?

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