Wednesday, July 25, 2007

U.S. vs. Fincher Appeal

I will be assisting lead attorney Quentin Rhoades of Montana in the appeal of Washington County Arkansas Militia Commander Hollis Wayne Fincher in the case U. S. vs. Fincher in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

I will be posting more on the appeal as it develops, but you can read about the trial,
including news articles and actual trial documents, by going to the page of the Washington County Arkansas Militia here, or by going to an informational page here.

David Codrea, over at The War on Guns (an excellent blog, by the way), has also posted considerable information and commentary on the case.

This is a very important Second Amendment case. As Quentin Rhoades puts it:
This is a very important case for seizing the Second Amendment from the deer and duck hunting crowd [Zumbo, for example] and returning it to its rightful heirs, the states' militia.
I would only add that this case goes right to the heart of the purpose of the Second Amendment - which is most emphatically not about duck hunting, and is also not just about self defense against common criminals (though those uses of the arms we keep and bear are obvious). The Second Amendment is about the right and the power of we the people, who are the militia, by the way, and in this case were further formed into a state militia, to bear battlefield effective arms, suitable for militia service. What other type of arms could it possibly have been referring to?

Quentin Rhoades is an excellent lawyer - very sharp and thurough - and a true defender of the Constitution. Like many conservatives in the Mountain West, he has a healthy libertarian streak to him, and is a genuine conservative, in the spirit of Goldwater, who still takes limits on government power seriously and does not think the Constitution is just a God-damn piece of paper (ahem). I consider it a great honor to be assisting Quentin in this case.

I first met Quentin while I was still living in Montana, when I volunteered to assist him in the defense of 80% kit manufacturer Rick Celata of KT Ordnance, who had been raided by the BATF and had his inventory and other significant property confiscated.

In the Fincher case, Quentin and I are offering our services for free (pro bono), and will not charge any attorney fees, but there will be costs that cannot be avoided. Wayne Fin
cher's daughter, Connie Fields, has set up a legal defense fund for the case. Below is a copy of an email Connie sent out regarding how to contribute. I will not be handling any funds, and any and all expenses will be handled by Mrs. Fields and Quentin Rhoades.

Message from Connie Fields, daughter of Wayne Fincher:

As you know or may not know we have new lawyers that are doing the appeal. They have offered they services for PRO BONO. The only thing is that we have to pay for traveling fees and filing fees transcript fees etc. We have set up an account at Arvest Banks that you can deposit money into the account.

If you electronic deposit or wire money the account the information is routing number 082900872 account number is 0037421461. If you deposit at the Arvest bank the account is under Connie Fields H.W. Fincher Fund Account. Account Number 0037421461. If you want to send money by mail send to Connie Fields H.W.FINCHER FUND ACCOUNT P.O. BOX 215 ELKINS ARKANSAS 72727.

This Money is for the attorneys. The main attorney is from Montana, his name is Quentin Rhoades and the other attorney's name is Stewart Rhodes and he is from Las Vegas, Nevada. These lawyers we feel are very qualified to handle this case.

I know that people have giving to this cause before and we thank you but, now we need your help again. This appeal is going to cost approximately $5000.00 just to go to St. Louis, if this goes to the Supreme court approximately another $10,000.00.

Please help any way you can to keep your Second Amendment Right's and FREE WAYNE.

Thank You very much from the family of Hollis Wayne Fincher


Kent McManigal said...

Thank you, Stewart!

Anonymous said...

Did I see your name elsewhere-are you the new kid on the block at Swat magazine("Enemy at the Gates"column)?

And I am so glad to know there ARE a few lawyers who haven't gone to the dark side of the force.

ThatGirlTasha said...

Hey stranger-I'm actually getting hits from your blog,for a change.

I can't even hear the crickets chirping over here anymore.

Stewart Rhodes said...

Kent McManigal said...

Thank you, Stewart!

Hey Kent (Dullhawk), don't mention it. How are things over at the Clairefiles? I have not been there in a while.

Best wishes,


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