Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why This Blog Has Been Such a Ghost Town Lately ….

I have not posted much of anything on this blog in a long, long time, except for the occasional news article about Congressman Ron Paul’s campaign (I used to work for Dr. Paul).

A big part of the reason this blog has been so neglected of late is because my wife and I, along with our four home-schooled children, have just moved back to Nevada from Montana. Until May 10, 2007, we were living in Polson, Montana where I practiced law as a small town, general practice lawyer.

Our move back to Las Vegas was prompted by two serious events in both our families. One was the death of my father in law just before Thanksgiving 2006 (go here to read my tribute to him for his service as a Marine in WWII). His death caused my wife to want to be closer to her aging mother and aunt, who live in Las Vegas. The second event was that my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. So, despite our love of Montana and all it has to offer, we needed to return to Las Vegas to be closer to our families.

I have started a new job in Las Vegas, and I am studying for the Nevada bar exam, which I take next week, on July 24, 25, and 26. So, don’t expect to read many new posts until that exam is over.

In addition, I will be working on the appeal of Hollis Wayne Fincher, the Washington County Arkansas Militia commander. So, even after the bar exam, I may not be posting much while I am assisting Montana lawyer Quentin Rhoades (who is named appellate counsel) in hammering out that appellate brief, which will focus in significant part on the right to bear arms, as protected by the Second Amendment.

In the meanwhile, if you want to see what a real, active blog looks like, mosey on over to my wife’s blog. She has not been nearly so neglectful with her blog, and actually has quite a readership - one of whom dubbed her a "libertarian goddess." I'm so jealous!


Dan Hanosh said...

Polson to Vegas . . . Wow! I can not imagine the culture shock that you're going through. Good Luck with everything.

Dan Hanosh

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Stewart Rhodes said...

Thanks Dan!

Actually, my wife and I both grew up in Vegas, but it still has been a culture shock to return after spending almost two years in Montana - funny how we changed. It has been very weird to be back when we expected to live in Montana for life.

Best to you!