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Neocon Think Tank Calls for Enslaving or Killing All Mexican Immigrants and Invading Mexico. Philip Atkinson & Family Security Matters at it Again!

"The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans" - Philip Atkinson, Neocon Wacko, May 11, 2007.
It really should come as no surprise that Philip Atkinson, the neocrazy who urged Bush to kill all of the Iraqis and colonize Iraq with Americans, and then set up a dictatorship in the U.S., also wrote, in an earlier, May 11, 2007, article that the U.S. government should enslave or kill all illegal Mexican immigrants and invade and colonize Mexico as well. This earlier, but equally crazy article is entitled The Barbarians are Coming: How Our Decaying Civilization Will End, Too Enfeebled to Resist Invasion.

As with Atkinson's August 2, 2007 paean to an American Dictatorship, this article offering Atkinson's "final solution" to the "Mexican question" has also disappeared from the Family Security Matters website. I found a Google Cache page of the article, but since Google Cache pages don't last forever, I have copied and pasted it in its entirety below.

Atkinson is steadfastly consistent in his mad advocacy of mass killings, genocide, enslavement, dictatorship and empire. Still, I have to wonder why Mr. Atkinson, in contrast to his categorical call for genocide of all Iraqis - man, woman and child - at least contemplates enslaving Mexicans as an alternative to just executing them.

Perhaps he is thinking that Mexicans are rather useful laborers, after-all, and besides, as the history of American slavery of blacks shows, there can be "special perks" that come to an aging gentleman slave owner which he would not otherwise enjoy.
["Juanita, since you were such a good girl and cleaned the toilets so well, I'm going to reward you with a little break from your duties. While I go out shopping, Philip is going to show you his box of "special" toys! Isn't that nice? Now be a good girl and go change into the pretty little maid outfit I laid out for you in your quarters."]
Ah yes, it is good to be the slave-master, isn't it Philip!

With this equally nutty article, we see yet another reason why Family Security Matters (which is a front organization for the neocon Center for Security Policy) has now "disappeared" one of its own "contributing editors" from its website. Once Atkinson's nutty modest proposal regarding Iraq became more widely known, and condemned, Family Security Matters (FSM) must have decided to disown all of his prior writings.

But note that the "kill or enslave all the illegals and invade Mexico" article was published on the Family Security Matters website on May 11, 2007, over three months ago.

Despite my suspicions that FSM really did not have a problem with Atkinson's August 2, 2007 Iraq genocide/American Ceasar article (until it brought such negative attention), I was willing to give FSM the benefit of the doubt and at least leave open the possibility that Atkinson had suddenly gone nuts and his nutty Iraq article had slipped through the cracks.

But now we see that he was just as nutty back in May, and FSM continued to publish his articles. Evidently, FSM did not find his views all that reprehensible. The introduction to the article advocating slavery or mass murder of Mexican immigrants and invasion of Mexico describes it thusly: "
FSM Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson offers a realistic view of our precarious predicament."

A "realistic view"? While one article can be explained away, it
is highly unlikely that a website would publish a string of articles making essentially the same argument unless it was in general agreement. For example, I think it is safe to say that any article submitted to Family Security Matters that called for an end to the occupation of Iraq, for impeachment of Bush and Cheney, or for the repeal of the PATRIOT Act or Military Commissions Act, would have a snow-ball's chance in hell of being published on that website. In contrast, articles that promote the neocon ideals of an "aggressive" foreign policy and the concept of total war, requiring extraordinary emergency security measures both at home and abroad, would likely be accepted.

Yes, the wacko Atkinson finally went too far even for the neocons at Family Security Matters, and all of his articles have been pulled, but it is telling that even after his May 11, 2007 call for enslavement or execution of illegals and the invasion of Mexico, that article was not disavowed or pulled, and he went on to write several others, such as his May 30, 2007 piece entitled America's Choice where he advocated mass genocide by nuclear weapons against any competing culture. This man has consistently advanced, over a string of articles published by FSM, his advocacy of the use of mass genocide and enslaving empire as a necessary policy tool for nearly everything that ails us.

I suspect that Mr. Atkinson did not really exceed Family Security Matters philosophical, ethical, or policy outer limits, but simply became a public relations liability in the past week. Note that FSM has yet to publish a retraction or condemnation of any of Atkinson's wacko views, but is instead using the rather Orwellian tactic of simply making it all disappear from its website, as if it never happened.

I suppose we could still try to give FSM the benefit of a doubt, and presume that, while its board members were apparently fine with calls for the enslavement, genocide, and imposition of dictatorship over swarthy Mexicans and Arabs, they finally balked at Atkinson's call to do the same to white Americans (how reasonable of them). But given this man's consistency in his worship of the path of Roman Empire, with its string of genocide, military coups, and all powerful emperors, I really don't think FSM deserves that benefit.

I suspect that, like other Neocons who worship war, autocratic rule, and empire, these people are in agreement with Atkinson in desiring to follow the example of Rome to the very hilt of the bloody
gladius. They just don't want the rest of us to be overtly aware of their deepest desires and ultimate goal. Instead, they want us to think they are simply good Americans concerned about "security."

Atkinson tells us that "the
simple truth that different cultures are irreconcilable, and that one must dominate the others, means that the now impotent cultures of Western Civilization will be overrun." That sentiment is entirely consistent with the general neocon world-view that we are either the conquerors or the conquered, and our only path to "peace" is through a bloody military empire, and thus we must transform our Republic into an Empire just as ancient Rome did.

If Atkinson went too far, it was simply in taking off his mask too much and publicly voicing their shared desires for the precise opposite of the Constitutional Republic of limited and divided powers, under the consent of the people, that the Founders gave us.

Members of the Neoconservative cabal are mortal enemies of our Republic, just as much as members of the Communist Party were during the Cold War. Neoconservatives are neither conservative, nor anything new. They are but the current manifestation of the totalitarian, statist mentality that has always plagued mankind.

Neoconservatives are government supremacist wormtongues and Sith, cloaking themselves in the trappings of conservatives, mouthing loyalty to the Constitution which they really hold in contempt as they do all they can to subvert it and twist it into their desired image - the image of the Roman Empire and its despotic Emperors.

Back in 2003 Congressman Ron Paul
warned us of the true nature of "neoconservatives." Heed his warnings, and act accordingly. - Stewart Rhodes

Exclusive: How Our Decaying Civilization Will End, Too Enfeebled to Resist Invasion
Philip Atkinson

Author: Philip Atkinson
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.
Date: May 11, 2007

The appearance of “terrorists” is in fact an unpleasant confirmation of Professor Arnold Toynbee’s 1952 prediction that barbarian war bands would attack our declining civilization. FSM Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson offers a realistic view of our precarious predicament.

The Barbarians are Coming:

How Our Decaying Civilization Will End, Too Enfeebled to Resist Invasion

By Philip Atkinson

The Roman Wall

I was born in England, in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne which is proud of its long history, which can easily be traced back to the period of ancient Rome’s occupation of Britain. There are many vestiges of the occupation but the most famous remains are those of Hadrian’s Wall. This was a stone wall extending from the east coast to the west coast of England, built to protect the Roman occupied country south of the wall from raids by northern barbarians, or so I was taught. I have never questioned this explanation until recent events have caused me to consider another purpose for Hadrian’s Wall.

Barrier Only To Unarmed Invaders

The Roman wall would never have stopped an attacking army, unless it was manned along its whole length. But to garrison the wall in such a fashion would be to undermine the ability of the Roman army to confront a barbarian host, who would invariably outnumber them. Dispersing its soldiers along an 80-mile front could not, and was not meant to, repel a mass attack, but to overcome a problem identical to that which Western Civilization is now facing. It was erected to stop the steady stream of migrants from the barbarian-ruled areas entering the Roman Empire. And this was done because, even though the barbarians entered the Empire peacefully, they did not come to help the Roman Empire, but to exploit it. They did not want to become citizens of Rome, but to retain their own culture within the Roman community, which made them a liability to the Roman Empire.

Declining Culture Vulnerable To Parasites

The impact of the intrusion of an alien culture upon a failing culture is similar to a parasitic attack suffered by any failing creature. Though the citizens of a declining community are slowly losing their attachments to their own community, they still feel some sense of obligation towards it. It is their community, full of their own kind, which is their tribe, so regardless of their growing indifference to their society’s tradition, they still feel a concern for its welfare. Whereas migrants from alien cultures have no such concerns; they are among strangers with a different culture. These invaders have not come to improve their host’s society, but their own, at the expense of their host. Hence such invading minority communities are parasites upon their host community.

Parasitic Nature Of Invaders Initially Masked

Initially, while the invaders are present only in small numbers, they will treat their host with care and respect. The contempt they must feel about their host’s culture will be dissembled, along with their intention to exploit the wealth of their host while avoiding any demands the host may place upon them. They will naturally subscribe to those laws of the host that carry the real threat of penalty or offer profit, but only because of convenience, and not for respect for the notions underpinning those laws; while all other laws of the host community will be silently treated with contempt except in those rare instances where they match their own culture.

Incompatible Nature Of Invaders Will Eventually Be Revealed

As the invaders numbers grow so will their confidence and their own culture will start to assert itself publicly. The invaders’ general contempt for the culture of their host will become evident and will generate resentment between the different cultures, but while this may fester and flare from time to time, the host will confirm the decaying nature of its own culture by being unable to take effective action against the invaders.

A Modern Wave Of Unarmed Invaders

In the last few decades those countries considered part of Western Civilization have become subject to an unarmed invasion by other races and cultures. The wealth and safety currently enjoyed by England, France, Germany, USA, etc., have made them desirable places to live for the poor and frightened of other countries, such as India, Pakistan, Mexico and others. While this has been true for a long time, the barriers that previously prevented the citizens of poor countries from migrating to the wealthier countries have been removed. The previous firm resistance by the citizens of the wealthier countries has been undermined by deterioration in the character of their citizens.

Invasion Flows From Vigorous To Feeble

Once the citizens of Western Civilization were determined as well as able. Therefore, they dominated the countries occupied by weaker cultures. These subject countries became colonized— they were forced to adopt the language and culture of Western Civilization— and the superior understanding of Western civilization was promoted throughout the world, along with its peace and wealth. However as the citizens of Western Civilization became selfish, they lost their resolve, so the control exercised by Western communities declined. This allowed the colonies to recover their independence and re-assert their own culture, which inevitably obtained the poverty and misrule, which had existed before colonialism. As Western Civilization has abdicated its rule over its colonies, wealth and peace have given way to poverty and anarchy. The example of the social collapse of South Africa has been repeated all over Africa. For many citizens of these colonies, modest means enjoyed in peace have been replaced by a perilous poverty, and the only escape from this misery is to go to where wealth and peace still exist, the home countries of their erstwhile colonial rulers. The tide of influence has reversed. It is no longer flowing from, but to, Western Civilization; and instead of peace and wealth, it is poverty and anarchy that are now being spread.

Invasion Is Colonization

The result of this migration is inevitable. The invaders take over their new homeland by sheer weight of numbers. The original manners, customs and beliefs of the destination country are slowly replaced by those of their invaders. This can be easily seen in the USA where the actual border with Mexico is slowly moving further north every year. The culture of the white Americans is being displaced by their mainly Hispanic invaders; peace and wealth created by the white American culture are being replaced by poverty and crime brought by the invaders. This represents a take-over made obvious by the replacement of the use of the English language with Spanish. Miami is now a Spanish-speaking city even though it is technically in America -- an English-speaking country.

Hadrian’s Wall in America

The Americans have naturally tried to halt this invasion but their efforts are weak and ineffectual. The easiest way into America is by walking from Mexico, where a patrolled fence has been erected as a barrier (like Hadrian’s wall). Those Mexicans who are detected crossing the barrier are merely returned to Mexico to try again. Those who cross undetected are still subject to discovery but this is an unlikely fate, and the penalty is just a return to Mexico to try again. In many cases, the enforced return can be avoided by manipulation of the law.

Mexico now colonizing the USA

Mexico is now colonizing America and imposing its language and culture on it. Though the Americans still have the strength of understanding to recognize that the Hispanic invasion should be stopped, they are unable to take the measures required to achieve this end. The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans. But the citizens of the USA recoil from such ruthless violence embracing delusion instead. They pretend that their futile defense is not folly, ignore the slow but inevitable takeover of their country and persecute anyone who tries to dispel their illusions. America has lost its ability to defend itself and must eventually be overrun by people from other cultures.

Example Of American Failure Repeated

The example of the failure of the Americans to defend themselves is being repeated by every Western country. Sharing the same lack of ruthlessness required to repel their invaders these countries now find themselves no longer a single community but a group of different communities of varying races and cultures. Even Australia, which is isolated by vast areas of ocean, is being subject to invasion, and while no single Australian city has yet been taken over, there are now parts of these cities that mimic the original homes of their invaders.

This same failure of the Western countries to defend themselves reveals how the powerful understanding once created by Western Civilization has already dissolved. The two awful signs of impending communal death -- the extinction of genius and the loss of the military spirit -- are there for all to see. The mainly selfish citizens that now comprise Western Civilization may still possess the technology discovered by genius, but they no longer have the wit or the resolution to employ it.

Colonize Or Be Colonized

The simple truth that different cultures are irreconcilable, and that one must dominate the others, means that the now impotent cultures of Western Civilization will be overrun. How a particular culture dominates, or attempts to dominate, other cultures, naturally reflects the character of that culture. The fact that the Americans refrain from killing their enemies does not mean that their enemies will refrain from killing them, as America was recently reminded. On September 11, 2001, around 3,000 people were murdered in a barbarian raid upon the USA, when the fanatical followers of an Islamic sect deliberately crashed hi-jacked passenger planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The Barbarians Are Coming—With A New Dark Age

The World Trade Center attack is confirmation of Arnold Toynbee’s claim that the decline of a civilization means the appearance of Barbarian war-bands. And it is clear that, in one way or another, it is only a matter of time before the increasing senility of the countries that make up the Western world, will see them succumb to invaders. The result will be the final extinction of Western Civilization, along with its wealth and power, and a return to the Dark Ages: a time when there is no human community anywhere that is sane.

# # Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson is the British born founder of and author of A Study of Our Decline. He is a philosopher specializing in issues concerning the preservation of Western civilization. Mr. Atkinson receives mail at

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scott lamare said...

Wow, he was born in Newcastle. As my little form of protest, I am never drinking that evil Newcastle Brown Ale again!!!!!


ThatGirlTasha said...

I'll join you in that protest although I think my abstinention has less meaning than yours.

Anonymous said...

I wish the "real" media would do its job and expose these %#$^&&ers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another unscheduled peek into the batsh*t-filled cavern of the rightist excuse for a mind. Yikes!

Neoconservatives are wormtongues and Sith, cloaking themselves in the trappings of conservatives, mouthing loyalty to the Constitution which they really hold in contempt as they do all they can to subvert it and twist it into their desired image - the image of the Roman Empire and its despotic Emperors.

Loved that! I've been referring to Rove as Grima Wormtongue for years, and have always been one of the "Darth Cheney" group. (Damn, I am such a science fiction geek!)

These momzers are certainly not conservatives or anything new, as you say. They are radical wacko authoritarians. And these are some of the people that most of the Republican Party candidates are trying to play to. Monsters.

Anonymous said...

Shorter Phillip Atkinson

"I'm scared. Oh don't get me wrong I've been scared since the first time I saw Miss Sally hold up that magic mirror thingy on Romper Room. But hey no kidding now I'm really scared."

Anonymous said...

Atkinson has his own website. He's clearly a lunatic, which makes it even more frightening that he could be taken seriously by a "think tank" associated with the vice president of the United States...

Mind boggling stuff here...

Paul Daniel Ash said...

The very least that must be done...

Enslavement/execution is not only the least, but the very least that must be done?

Atkinson seems to be telegraphing that he is really pulling his punches here. Not just enslavement, not just execution, but... what? Waterboarding for all 108,700,891 Mexicans? Widening the Panama Canal to Juárez, Chih? Replacement of all the border crossings with a Seal of Danzalthar, instantly turning the Estados Unidos Mexicanos into a "Boca del Infierno?"

Come on, Phil, let us know how you really feel!

Stewart Rhodes said...

Excellent, very funny, and pithy comments all. Nasruddin, you had me in stitches.

Atkinson is like something out of a Monte Python or Black Adder skit.

Seems that the mask is beginning to slip, and in public, no less. I have always known neoconservatives were nuts, but now it is becoming more difficult for the neocon top brass to control all their nutty soldiers. - Stewart

Anonymous said...

These types of articles, from these types of Neo-Con-Artists are simply Orwellian “double speak” - used for the purpose of inciting hatred, fear, confusion, AND planting the SEED of the very principles that they PLAN on using. As incredible as it all sounds, that is what they are doing. And they are doing the same in ALL the mainstream media, at various levels. The sooner Americans wake up to their propaganda methods, the sooner the criminals will be tried for TREASON... The traditional punishment for such a crime? [See under; ‘Saddam Execution.’]

Anonymous said...

Shades of Jared's Decades of Darkness alternate history!

In this alternate history Thomas Jefferson dies early, New England and New York secede from the Union with British support, and the remainder of the USA turns into a vicious expansionist monster dominated by slave owners.

Anonymous said...

One of the bigger things that kills me about this whole immigration movement bullshit is the bullshit argument that Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, etc. were somehow "stolen" from Mexico by the big, bad, evil USA. Oh, because, that's right, Mexico was such a peace loving utopia with the most magnanimous leaders this world has ever seen until we provoked them into finally taking up arms (and, they would have us believe, they did so begrudgingly). GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. Ever heard of the Constitution of 1824??? Where was your fucking peace-loving Mexican Utopia when Santa Anna decided to wipe that Constitution with his ass??? If any nation was ever a war-mongering, land-grabbing nation it was Mexico, and Spain before it. We stole the southwestern states??? Go cry me a river. Apparently history began when Mexico lost their land. Bullshit.

The only thing someone who professes this bullshit can say, while still being honest, is that we won, they lost, and they are bitter about it. And it's not as if their culture made such a huge impact at the time to even claim that it was a de facto Mexican state. This isn't the Rhineland. This isn't Alsace-Lorraine. The culture(s) in these regions, be they American, German, Scandinavian, Irish, American Indian, or anything else, not only rivaled but overpowered the "overwhelming" Mexican influence they claim they had. These regions were more Americanized than angry Mexicans today could ever hope to believe (why do you think Santa Anna rescinded the Constitution of 1824??? Texas was becoming too American and too hard to control under Mexican rule.). Most Mexican culture that is now commonplace in these regions is because of the gracious, freedom-loving culture of the US that embraces other cultures and allows outsiders to practice their customs freely, not because these regions are just "so obviously Mexican". If Mexico wants to claim these regions as their own, then I suggest they order their "army" to gather both their rifles, get on their squadron of mules, and just try to "take it back". Otherwise, shut the fuck up, stop taking advantage of a putrid welfare system, and, hey, here's an idea, maybe try to improve your own damn country instead of holding the US responsible for it being the shithole that it is. A

Troy Camplin said...

That's some pretty bizarre stuff. I don't think he'd like my response if he tried to enslave my Mexican wife.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. Would anyone like to actually argue with what Atkinson wrote? Or even disagree with it? Or is it enough to call him a jerk? Stewart, did they teach you ad hominem at Yale Law . . . or in the Army?