Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Neocon Kool-Aid Drinker Gets Torn a New One

I checked out some of the places people have been linking to my post on why so many veterans support Ron Paul, which includes a great video from a currently serving soldier, and came across this gem of an exchange:

BOW'd UP (Kool-Aid drinker who is so afraid of "terra" that he is willing to sacrifice liberty on the alter of security) says:

Wher'd All The Paullocks Go
seriously, whered they all go??????
is the revolution finally over.??


And here is the priceless reply from RedFoxx:

All right BOW'd UP, you want to talk about defending the US. Let's talk about defending the US.

Who is the only Congressman to offer a resolution to officially declare war on Iraq? That would be Ron Paul.

Who is the only Congressman to introduce a bill to deny student visas to students from "terrorist" nations? That would be Ron Paul.

Who is the only Congressman to introduce legislation to allow airlines to arm their pilots, which, by the way, would have prevented 911? That would be Ron Paul.

Who is the only Congressman who has introduced legislation to end the practice of birth-right citizenship? That would be Ron Paul.

You Socialist, big government neo-cons that have hijacked the Republican party attempt to paint anyone who disagrees with your Bill Clinton-style, nation building and policing of the world foreign policy as un-American and unwilling to defend the country. It's not going to work with me.

I'm sorry that you're upset that there are at least a few of us left in the Republican party that believe in limited government and believe in a strict adherence to the United States Constitution.

How, sir, is the United States any safer by our meddling in Middle Eastern affairs? Is it that two billion dollars that we borrow each day from the Communist Chinese in order to build trillion dollar embassies (with 30 foot walls) in the middle of Baghdad that makes us safer? Is it the fact that our trillion dollar per year foreign policy causes us to be faced with massive debt and rampant inflation that makes us safer? Is it the fact that Al-Queda is now stronger than ever that makes us safer?

Is it the weakening of the US dollar due to our overextension overseas that makes us safer?

Or perhaps it's our surrendering of our sovereignty to the United Nations that makes us safer. Let's don't forget that enforcing UN resolutions was one of the main reasons for invading Iraq. I'm sorry that some of us in the Republican party still believe that the US should, and by right ought to be, A FREE AND INDEPENDENT, SOVEREIGN NATION.

Is it the fact that our borders are wide open? How can you be so scared of a bearded, middle eastern man attacking you, yet you're ok with us securing the border of Iraq, while our very own borders remain wide open.

If you neocons really believed in what you argue (that the Muslims are coming!!), then why are our borders wide open? Why?

Here is the link to that particular post, and here is the link to the whole thread. Very well said, RedFox! So funny, but sad, that so many people think the only way to be in support of a strong national defense is to blindly support whatever war the current president thinks would be cool. There is so much more to national security and defense than blindly continuing on a disastrous course. But such flag waivers rarely have the capacity for rational thought, especially when it is their guy, from their political party, who is in power. Stewart


Anonymous said...

Wow. My favorite comment from that thread has to be the guy who says "The economy is fine..." Now there is a person living in a bubble, with no grasp whatsoever on reality.

DetainThis said...

Oh man. RedFoxx destroyed the poor git. Nice.