Monday, January 21, 2008

A Soldier's Revolution - An Iraqi Vet Explains Why He Suports Ron Paul

Below is a compelling, and very well said statement of principle by a U.S. Army E-5, on why he has come to question the wisdom of current U.S. foreign policy and has come to support Ron Paul for President.

It is most certainly worth your time to take a look.

What this soldier says in this video is in accord with my own convictions as a former combat arms soldier and what I have read from the many hundreds of veterans who have voiced their support for Congressman Ron Paul for president. Here are just two examples:
“I unreservedly support Ron Paul for president because he is the only candidate that has kept his oath of office and has promised to do so as president. The least that a soldier should expect from his commander-in-chief is that he is faithful to his oath of office and will not put our troops at risk by sending them to fight unconstitutional, undeclared wars.” Dan Gibson, Combat Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps (1962-1966)

“As a soldier sworn to the Constitution, I cannot, in good conscience, support any candidate for president but Ron Paul. He is indeed the champion of the Constitution.” Arthur Curtis, Army Staff Sergeant, Bosnia (’97/’98), Iraq (’03/’04), and Afghanistan (’05/’06); Awarded two Bronze Stars for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Read others here at the official Ron Paul 2008 website.

Here is a page of additional testimonials on a site not associated with the campaign, and here is a page for testimonials from veterans that includes their photos.

The recurring theme in all of those testimonials is that, as soldiers, we all swore a sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We took that oath deadly serious then, and we still take that oath seriously now, as former soldiers.

Many people, especially politicians, just cannot understand what that oath means to a soldier or a veteran. Unlike politicians and most lawyers, who merely mouth their oaths of office as part of some mere formality they undergo before attaining their cherished positions of power, soldiers speak that oath knowing they may very well die in fulfilling it. Those men meant it, and they still do in a very primal, emotional, and soul stirring way.

This is something the treasonous, lying pack of wolves inside the beltway had better think long and hard about. For the vast majority of soldiers I have known, the entire reason they joined up was to be a defender of freedom. They knowingly, and willingly, took their place in the long line of men who have volunteered to place themselves in harms way to act as a physical barrier between their families, their countrymen, and whoever would dare to attack them. That line of service stretches back through time, right back to the men who stood their ground at Concord bridge on April 19, 1775 and fired the shot heard round the world.

My father in law, John Adams, was such a man. On December 10, 1941, just three days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he lied about his age to join the Marines so he could fight the Japanese in the Pacific. He fought them at Iwo, among other places. Until his death in 2006, he was a dedicated patriot who still took his oath deadly serious.

Corporal John Adams. Note the date of enlistment - December 10, 1941. Now that is what you call stepping up.

Every soldier takes his oath with the memory of those men, and all who followed, in his mind. The whole point of serving is to be a defender of liberty and that is what they thought they would be doing as soldiers.

Those veterans get mighty upset when they find that they have been used for other purposes, even for opposite purposes, by men who have utter contempt for the very Constitution the soldier swore an oath to defend, and countless others died in defending. And when the veterans wake up to the internal enemies of liberty who are far more dangerous than any foreign foe, those vets tend to take it very, very personally. They tend to feel a rage toward those internal enemies that far exceeds whatever they may have felt toward an external foe.

for now, at least, those awakened veterans are channeling their anger and disgust into support for the one man in Washington that they know takes his oath of office as seriously as a soldier does. That man is Ron Paul. The vet knows, from Dr. Paul's record, and from his demonstrated courage, that Dr. Paul is as dedicated to the cause of liberty and the Constitution as he is. The vet knows that Dr. Paul would lay down his life in defense of liberty just as the vet would. The vet knows a fellow defender of the Constitution when he sees one.

Those who are working to destroy liberty in America had better beware. The true sleeping giant they need fear is that great body of American veterans who are now waking up, and who are righteously pissed off.

Stewart Rhodes

Former U.S. Army Airborne soldier


Anonymous said...

There's a true Patriot. Uphold and defend the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Wake up people...Senator McCain wants to keep our soldiers there for 100 years...Don't believe the neocon pablum that if we pull our troops out of Iraq the terriorist will follow us here...Faux News, MSM,Bush,Ghouliani,Huckabee,Romney,McCain...they're lying to you, pure and simple.

Stewart Rhodes said...

Amen brothers. One of our principle missions, our great "focus of effort" should be waking up our fellow veterans. Liberty in America will stand or fall depending on that.


Qnunc said...

What a great site! I'm glad I discovered it, thanks to LRC. I'm especially interested in the Supreme Court cases of Hamdi, etc.


Stewart Rhodes said...

Thanks qnunc! Glad you like it. I'd be curious to hear what you think of my research into enemy combatant status. Feel free to email me at with any thoughts.