Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uly Wins in 40 Seconds Into First Round, by RNC (Rear Naked Choke)!

Aaaand theeee winnnnner, by way of rear naked choke submission at 40 seconds into round 1, Uuuuuly (not so Useless) Gooooooomez!

I called it right! He did not waste time taking it to the mat, and got a fast submission in round 1. I also actually predicted he would win by RNC, but did not put that in my earlier blog post - but I know that is a favorite of his.

Major congratulations to Uly, and props to everyone who helped him get ready, from Marc Laimon to Brian Clements, Uly's boxing coach.

Stewart and family

Our Kid's Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Ulysses Gomez (Uly), Fights Tonight!

Speaking of Mixed Martial Arts (that the crazy nincompoop John McCain wanted to ban), our kid's jiu jitsu instructor Ulysses Gomez (Uly) is fighting his first MMA bout tonight, in just a couple of hours! Uly is fighting fellow new-comer Greg McDowell in the Palace Fighting Championships in Lemoore California.

Uly, on the left, weighed in at 125, and McDowell, on the right, weighed in at 119.

Our three kids train at Cobra Kai Jiu Jjitsu here in Vegas, and Uly is their instructor and coach. He has done very well in submission grappling tournaments, winning first place at Grappler's Quest:

Uly has also done very well in Pankration, which is like MMA except for no strikes from the neck up, so he has lots of practical experience to get him ready for MMA:

Apparently, Uly's opponent tonight, McDowell, is a boxer who has switched to MMA. Uly has an obvious edge on the ground (to say the least) but you can never count a puncher out. My old Jiu Jitsu instructor, Nova Uniao black belt john Lewis, found that out when he fought Jens Pulver and did not take Pulver's striking seriously enough. This lead to a knockout that is still used on highlight reels (and also broke John's jaw):

Now, I'm not saying that McDowell is on a par with Little Evil Jens Pulver, who went on to become the first UFC Lightweight champ, but that old saying about "a puncher's chance" has a ring of truth to it. If McDowell has knock-out power, Uly's best plan would be to keep his chin down (unlike John Lewis), and not trade, but instead take it to the mat as soon as possible. Uly has good stand-up, but hey, why take the chance? He will easily dominate on the ground.

Anyway, I predict a victory for Uly by submission in the first round if he does take it to the mat right off the bat.

The kids have a blast in class and competing in tournaments and have done well. We wish Uly Luck tonight!

Stewart Rhodes

OK, I'm Back!

Just took a look at my poor, neglected blog and realized I had not posted since the damn Romney whisper incident, and now it is months later and Romney is out, the Ghouliani is out, etc. and the only two men still standing in the fight for the Republican nomination are McCain and Ron Paul.

Ah, John McCain, John McCain. Many self-described conservatives are putting up at least a show of displeasure and resistance at McCain (kinda like how a prostitute might feign shock, dismay, and mild resistance for a customer before giving him what is already bought and paid for). But they will take whatever the party mucky-mucks dictate, and will rally round the fake conservative so-called lesser of two evils again, out of their terror of a Dem in office. Same ol same ol.

How anyone who calls themselves an advocate of smaller government, limited government, and the Constitution could ever have supported that cracked old fart is beyond me. McCain hasn't got the first clue about limited government. Way back in the early 90s he wanted a federal law to friggin ban the UFC and all mixed martial arts (an entire friggin sport!) just because he did not like it or understand it."the UFC is Human Cockfighting" - damn, what an idiot.

So, McCain was on my shit list from day one for attempting to ban my favorite sport, and that was only the beginning of his stupid ideas on what he thinks is good for the rest of us, which he thinks he has the power to impose by force of law. McCain Feingold? Assault weapons ban? Trigger locks on your gun? Closing the so-called "gun show loophole"? Patriot Act? the list of stupidity and sell-outs of the Constitution is endless.

Ah well. People get the government they deserve - or to be more accurate, those who support McCain, Clinton, or Obama will get exactly what they deserve, but unfortunately those dumb asses will drag the rest of us over the cliff too.

So, I've been off working in grass-roots efforts for Ron Paul, teaching classes on the Constitution, working on some interesting constitutional law cases, and doing the whole Clark County Nevada Republican Party Convention thing (interesting experience, to say the least) and will be a delegate to the Nevada State Republican Party Convention. That should also be interesting.

I am hearing that many delegates from other states are going to Ron Paul, so who can say what will be the final result of the Nevada State Convention. What happens if conservatives across America "just say no" to McCain and actually do the right thing, for once, and go with Ron Paul? Man, that would be craaaazy! Totally off the hook! Not likely to happen in enough numbers to dump the geezer from Arizona, but who knows? I have been wrong before when it comes to the crazy world of politics. I hope I am wrong again.

Anyway, I will try to post more regularly again. Sometimes I just need a break from blogging, but then I feel a need to vent and am back at it.

More soon.

Stewart Rhodes